Dec 192015


One of the biggest and most dangerous problems truck drivers deal with is making right-hand turns. Left turns pose problems but, not as much as a right-hand turn. Most four-wheelers do not realize the wheels that must clear the corner are not the rear wheels of the truck but the trailer wheels. In theI need a lot of space for a turn picture to the right, you can see this truck making a right-hand turn from a two-lane street into the same and it takes every bit of the space. Look at where the trailer wheels are, just inches from the car parked on the corner. And, no, I did not hit the car.

In an effort to avoid accidents, many trailers have these signs posted on the rear of the trailer wide right turn signsaying, Caution, this truck makes wide right turns. There is usually a picture showing what the four-wheeler should expect. And, still, far too many cars try to squeeze by on the right when they see a truck swing left to help their trailer clear the corner.

When many four-wheelers see this gap, they dart into it never realizing the trucker can not see them. The end result is a four-wheeler crushed/stuck under the trailer with possible serious injuries. I hope the people who read this blog, pass this information along  as well as pay attention to it. No matter how much of a time crunch you’re in, getting stuck under a trailer with possible serious injuries is guaranteed to mess up your whole day.


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