Oct 282015

It’s taken a while, but my first audio-book is now available for your listening pleasure. For all of you truck drivers and long distance commuters, you can download Silly Woman, Big Rigs Are For Men from www.Audible.com today. Silly Woman audiobook cover

For those of you, women especially, this audiobook let’s you experience the trucking life vicariously. No tests to study for, no learning to back up a mile-long trailer and no crazy weather to deal with. The story shows how I ended up in the seat of an 18-wheeler. A career I never in my wildest dreams planned. Some of my eye-opening experiences include learning about “Jake” brakes and how to back up that 53 foot  trailer (it seemed like a mile long), a challenging lesson for me. You’ll drive with me through a Wyoming blizzard, it was that important to get home that weekend. And then there’s the scary trip on Oregon’s I-84. I didn’t realize freezing rain occurred on the west coast and some other scary deliveries.

I never realized, when I was learning to do this job, that it takes a special type of person to be a truck driver. Most people felt that didn’t include a woman. Financial necessity as a single parent drove my need to succeed. I needed a full-time job and after driving a school bus for 13 years, it was the only job I felt qualified to do. I really didn’t think it would be that big of a change. I was wrong.

Download this audiobook and sit back and enjoy my story.

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