high-heeled-trucker-cover-thumbHigh Heeled Trucker

Book 1

Truck driver Chet doesn’t think much of women.  Most of the ones he’s been involved with—including the one he married briefly—were only a step above hookers.  As far as Chet is concerned, women definitely don’t belong in big rigs. What will he do when Ick, his co-driver is hospitalized? The only person available to be the co-driver on his 6,000 mile loop run is Chris Montoya, the woman he told he would never hire. The same woman who, in high-heeled red boots, who makes him feel like a horny teenager?

High-Heeled Trucker explores the world of women and trucking, and the issues they face.


Silly Woman, Big Rigs Are for Men, her first book is also available for purchase from Amazon as a Kindle download. as well as a hard cover (book) on  October 2015 adds the audio version for this book. It’s available on as a download for all those truck driving women out there. Learn what it’s like to drive an 18-wheeler across this country without going through the hassle of learning the rules and actually sitting in the driver’s seat.

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